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January 29, 2013
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I met the bully today,
It’s the first day of 6th grade.
I’m assigned to sit next to him all yearlong.
I thought, “He’ll be my new friend!” but boy, I was wrong.

I sit, wave, say “hi.”
Thinking I’ve just made a new ally.
He smiles, but not kindly. A sly look in his eye.
He was already thinking of ways to make me cry.

He called me a name or some other remark.
A hurtful jolt went through me with a spark.
“Maybe that’s his way of being funny.”
I laughed it off, and tried to be chummy.

Today the bully called me fat.
He pointed to my stomach and laughed like a brat.
I looked down at myself with no words to say
And for the first time noticed a large bulge on display.

I had no return as the bully went on.
He said my stomach was as wide as it was long.
“You must eat all the time when you’re at home.”
“You gain so much weight cuz you’re all alone!”

How can he be so mean to someone he just met?
He’s been hurt in the past, I was willing to bet.
But those stinging sentences danced in my head,
And never stopped going even at home in my bed.

Today the bully said I was gay.
He laughed so much and continued to say:
I probably play with myself when I’m all alone.
He was digging into me like a hair ingrown.

The worst part wasn’t that his words hurt me.
I knew they weren’t true, so it only stung briefly.
On a different day I had made a new friend.
She sat there at the same table, and she would never defend.

That hurt the worst, when she would join in and laugh.
I kept wishing she’d stand up on my behalf.
The most sympathy I got out of her was, “Aw.”
But she never tried to stop him at all.

Today I told my mom, and my heart was so sore.
She told me all I had to do was ignore.
“But what if he keeps saying those hurtful things?”
“What can I say when he’s hurting my feelings?”

But all she could say was a repeat of before,
“All you have to do is ignore.”
I went on to bed that night, crying heavy tears.
Tomorrow I had school. I had to face my fears.

I tried to ignore him like my mother had told.
But it’s not easy when he looks at you with eyes so cold.
It’s not easy when he stabs you with words.
And you feel yourself falling downwards and downwards.
I'm not sure why those stupid words some little kid in the 6th grade STILL haunt me today some 13 years later... but they do. Maybe writing about it will help? I dunno it's just making me want to cry.
Everything in this poem is true.
I wish I could stand up for that little girl in the 6th grade that had to sit next to that bully. It would have helped her so much. SO much. Just to have one real friend.

Please stand up to your bully, or stand up for someone who is being bullied. Please.
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MsDeathTheKid Aug 31, 2013   General Artist

I know what you mean.  About little and untrue words hurting so much.

And though it's the only reason people bully me now, I don't regret standing up for my friends

Sounds to me like the bully is insecure about being fat and guy himself - for all we know, he played with himself. A bullies words should never be remembered, they don't deserve to be in your memory in any way.

I've dealt with jack asses, too (one ass being a so-called friend who didn't deserve a friend half as good as me), and I left them behind at school a long time ago. As for as I'm concerned: they're full of crap and don't deserve to be in my memories.
*fat and gay himself, sorry for the typo. :/
Chaotic-Samurai Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I'll stand up!
ForeverBlossoming Apr 6, 2013  Student General Artist
I think a hug is needed...:hug:
Akane2884 Apr 4, 2013  Hobbyist
This is exactly how I feel
I'm sorry that you do, I wish I could be there to stand up for you when your bully hurts you
Akane2884 Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you so much for your concern.
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